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Comprehensive crime prevention programs must include effective measures to prevent recidivism and to stop the cycle of failed adaptation by repeat offenders. Offenders released from confinement face a variety of challenges that may hinder their ability to become law-abiding citizens. Of particular concern are high-risk offenders with lengthy records of criminality.

This chapter focuses on types of prison gangs and the reasons for the proliferation of gangs in some American prisons today. Similarities and differences between street and prison gangs and what differentiates them from other types of criminal groups are described.

In , the Greater Edmonton area experienced an increase in gang activity, gang related crime and gang related violence. The community demanded that something be done about the problem, and particularly that the Edmonton Police Service EPS address the problem. Although the EPS had organized a Gang Unit to take a more strategic response to the issue, they realized that enforcement alone would not have a significant long-term impact on reducing gang activity. At the same time, Native Counselling Services of Alberta felt that a community response to the issue was needed to prevent youth involvement in gangs, and approached the EPS with the suggestion that they work together to create a 'community-based approach to gang activity and violence. Four years later, CSGV has grown to include more than 40 organizations working together on a strategic, community-wide approach to address the issue of gangs and gang violence.

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Confronting Gangs: Crime and Community

Confronting gangs Crime and community. Sorted by Results 1 - 10 of David Curry and Scott H. Confronting Gangs Crime and Community. David Curry.

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First, it suggests a common feature of gangs: They commonly have a street presence. Street socialization is a key feature of adolescent gangs. The ongoing commission of these offenses consequently instills fear among residents, undermining informal social control mechanisms within the community. Responses from law enforcement agencies in the National Youth Gang Survey NYGS indicate that among the characteristics of greatest importance in defining a gang are group identity and criminal activity, a group name, and accompanying signs and symbols that outwardly represent the group to others. Some notable examples include the organized, collective drug trade, strong ties, and covert behavior among prison gangs, compared with less structured, more individualistic drug trade, highly fluctuating ties, and overt behavior among street gangs.

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David Curry received his Ph. He has published extensively in the areas of gangs and violence, and has received funding by several federal agencies to study gang problems. Decker received his Ph. He is coauthor of Life in the Gang, as well as several articles dealing with gangs, drugs, and violence. Decker has received grants from a number of federal and state agencies to study gangs and evaluate gang programs.

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Groups, Gangs and Violence

International Handbook of Violence Research pp Cite as. The significance of the group for violent behavior has been studied in various social scientific disciplines using a range of different theoretical and methodological approaches. Criminology is one of the disciplines which has dealt with the context of groups and violence very comprehensively. The representatives of the Chicago School place the phenomena of group violence in a larger context. They take account of aspects of migration, social and ethnic inequality, as well as urban development, and investigate the effects of the marginal social and spatial situation of different social groups, in particular of immigrants, on violent crime.

Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 29 3 , , Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 35 1 , , Addressing key features of gang membership: Measuring the involvement of young members SH Decker, GD Curry Journal of criminal justice 28 6 , ,

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Confronting Gangs: Crime and Community

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The Community Solution to Gang Violence: A Collaborative Community Process and Evaluation Framework

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