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Molecular Imaging Principles And Practice Pdf

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Today molecular imaging technologies play a central role in clinical oncology. The use of imaging techniques in early cancer detection, treatment response and new therapy development is steadily growing and has already significantly impacted clinical management of cancer. In this chapter we will overview three different molecular imaging technologies used for the understanding of disease biomarkers, drug development, or monitoring therapeutic outcome.

Molecular Imaging, Principles and Practices

The detection and measurement of the dynamic interactions of proteins within the living cell are critical to the understanding of cell physiology and pathophysiology. The field of molecular imaging of living subjects continues to expand and has seen dramatic advances in chemistry, engineering and biomedical applications. Molecular Imaging: Principles and Practice, Second Edition provides the first point of entry to the research for all scientists interested in this multi-disciplinary field. Molecular imaging is very diverse: new investigators, collaborators, and students entering this field need an authoritative reference to bring this field together. Editors Brian Ross and Sam Gambhir designed this revision precisely to fill this need.

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Molecular Imaging: Principles and Practice

The field of molecular imaging of living subjects has evolved considerably and has seen spectacular advances in chemistry, engineering and biomedical applications. This textbook was designed to fill the need for an authoritative source for this multi-disciplinary field. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the field, the book is broken into six different sections: Molecular Imaging technologies , Chemistry , Molecular Imaging in Cell and Molecular Biology , Applications of Molecular Imaging , Molecular Imaging in Drug Evaluation with the final section comprised of chapters on computation, bioinformatics and modeling. The organization of this large amount of information is logical and strives to avoid redundancies among chapters. It encourages the use of figures to illustrate concepts and to provide numerous molecular imaging examples.

A molecular imaging primer: modalities, imaging agents, and applications. Primer on molecular imaging technology. Levin C. Lecture notes. Wernick and Aarsvold.

Molecular imaging has emerged at the end of the last century as an interdisciplinary method involving in vivo imaging and molecular biology aiming at identifying living biological processes at a cellular and molecular level in a noninvasive manner. It has a profound role in determining disease changes and facilitating drug research and development, thus creating new medical modalities to monitor human health. At present, a variety of different molecular imaging techniques have their advantages, disadvantages, and limitations. In order to overcome these shortcomings, researchers combine two or more detection techniques to create a new imaging mode, such as multimodal molecular imaging, to obtain a better result and more information regarding monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment. In this review, we first describe the classic molecular imaging technology and its key advantages, and then, we offer some of the latest multimodal molecular imaging modes. Finally, we summarize the great challenges, the future development, and the great potential in this field.

Molecular Imaging: Principles and Practice. R. Weissleder, B.D. Ross, A. Rehemtulla, and S.S. Gambhir. Shelton, CT: People's Medical Publishing House​–USA.

Applications of Molecular Imaging

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