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Biodiversity is the foundation of ecosystem services to which human well-being is intimately linked. No feature of Earth is more complex, dynamic, and varied than the layer of living organisms that occupy its surfaces and its seas, and no feature is experiencing more dramatic change at the hands of humans than this extraordinary, singularly unique feature of Earth. This layer of living organisms—the biosphere—through the collective metabolic activities of its innumerable plants, animals, and microbes physically and chemically unites the atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere into one environmental system within which millions of species , including humans, have thrived.

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Some of the major values of biodiversity are as follows: 1. Environmental Value 2. Social Value 3. Ecosystem Services 4.

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Scientists and economists working together arrived at a surrogate evaluation of all environmental goods and services. In other words, global natural resources are more valuable than global national products. This is defined as the value of the system characteristics upon which all ecosystem functions depend UNEP, It is called primary value because the structured ecosystem produces functions that have secondary value.

The secondary value will exist as long as the ecosystem retains its health, existence, homeostasis, operation and maintenance. TEV denotes the sum total of all kinds of values attached to biodiversity minus the primary value. It is the function of use and non-use values. Total economic value by itself will underestimate the true value of ecosystems. It has to be considered along with the primary value.

This represents the value arising from an actual use made of a given component of biodiversity. It is often a function of Direct and Indirect Use Values. This is also known as direct value. It is defined as actual uses especially in consumption. It represents the economic values derived from direct use or interaction with a biological resource or resource system, DUV is relatively easily measured by assigning market prices.

It is defined as benefits arising from an ecosystem function. It represents the economic value derived from the role of resources and system in supporting or protecting activities whose outputs have direct value in production on consumption UNEP, Indirect contributions of biodiversity to human welfare are said to have this value.

Biogeochemical cycles, photosynthesis, climate regulation, prevention of soil erosion, pollutant degradation are the phenomena which contribute indirectly to biodiversity. People with good cultural background have deep concern for biodiversity. They derive ethical benefit from biodiversity. Biodiversity is considered to have great value on cultural and religious grounds specially in India and East Asian countries. Ethical values differ from place to place, culture to culture, time to time and differ between different components of biodiversity.

For example, the ethical value attached to sacred basil is not accorded to cactus in India. Most people value certain species more than others subconsciously. The aesthetic value of biodiversity is very well known. Most people react more aesthetically towards plants that are appealing, visually or otherwise. Most cultured societies have attached great value to the effect that plant and animal beauty have on human mind and emotions. Poets, writers and artists from various cultures have given expression to the aesthetic appeal of plants and animals.

Roses, for instance, kindle the aesthetic sense much more than cacti and carnivorous plants, although the latter have their own admirers. Such relative aesthetic judgments could compel greater concern for certain biodiversity elements than for others. Top Menu BiologyDiscussion. Application of Biotechnology to Biodiversity and Its Impacts.

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8 Main Values of Biodiversity – Explained!

In addition to its intrinsic value nature working as it is; species are the product of a long history of continuing evolution by means of ecological processes, and so they have the right to continued existence , biodiversity also plays a fundamental role as ecosystem services in the maintenance of natural ecological processes. The economic or utilitarian values of biodiversity rely upon the dependence of man on biodiversity; products that nature can provide: wood, food, fibers to make paper, resins, chemical organic products, genes as well as knowledge for biotechnology, including medicine and cosmetic sub-products. It also encompasses ecosystem services, such as climate regulation, reproductive and feeding habitats for commercial fish, some organisms that can create soil fertility through complex cycles and interactions, such as earthworms, termites and bacteria, in addition to fungi responsible for cycling nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur and making them available to plant absorption. These services are the benefits that people indirectly receive from natural ecosystem functions air quality maintenance, regional climate, water quality, nutrient cycling, reproductive habitats of commercial fish, etc. Keywords: biodiversity value, conservation, fauna, flora, Pantanal. The term biodiversity or biological diversity refers to the variety of life forms occurring in nature, as a result of evolutionary history.

Determining the value or worth of biodiversity is complex. Economists typically subdivide utilitarian or use values of biodiversity into direct use value for those goods that are consumed directly, such as food or timber, and indirect use value for those services that support the items that are consumed, including ecosystem functions like nutrient cycling. There are several less tangible values that are sometimes called non-use or passive values, for things that we don't use but would consider as a loss if they were to disappear; these include existence value, the value of knowing something exists even if you will never use it or see it, and bequest value, the value of knowing something will be there for future generations Moran and Pearce Potential or Option value refers to the use that something may have in the future; sometimes this is included as a use value, we have chosen to include it within the passive values here based on its abstract nature. The components included within the category of "utilitarian" values vary somewhat in the literature. For example, some authors classify spiritual, cultural, and aesthetic values as indirect use values, whiles others consider them to be non-use values, differentiated from indirect use values -- such as nutrient cycling -- because spiritual, cultural, and aesthetic values for biodiversity are not essential to human survival. Still others consider these values as separate categories entirely.

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Scientists and economists working together arrived at a surrogate evaluation of all environmental goods and services. In other words, global natural resources are more valuable than global national products. This is defined as the value of the system characteristics upon which all ecosystem functions depend UNEP,

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8 Main Values of Biodiversity – Explained!

To ensure the site displays correctly, please use a more modern browser, like Firefox or Google Chrome. Biodiversity is the sum of all the different species of animals, plants, fungi and microbial organisms living on Earth and the variety of habitats in which they live. Scientists estimate that more than 10 million different species inhabit Earth.

Biodiversity is the biological variety and variability of life on Earth. Biodiversity is typically a measure of variation at the genetic , species , and ecosystem level. Rapid environmental changes typically cause mass extinctions. The age of the Earth is about 4. There are microbial mat fossils found in 3. Since life began on Earth , five major mass extinctions and several minor events have led to large and sudden drops in biodiversity.

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Why Is Biodiversity Important? Who Cares?


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