tools and techniques of recombinant dna technology pdf

Tools And Techniques Of Recombinant Dna Technology Pdf

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For all living organisms, the DNA deoxyribonucleic acid is the most important molecule. It carries genetic information that serves as the basis for development, growth, and reproduction among other important functions. Information contained in this molecule is first copied, through transcription, into mRNA before being translated to produce proteins.

Recombinant DNA and genetic techniques

Bryent Lee Oct 27, PM. The advancement of recombinant DNA technology in recent years has drastically changed the world of research by controlling the expressions of target genes. Recombinant DNA combines genetic material from different sources, creating sequences that are unique and new to the genome. The DNA sequences used in the construction of recombinant DNA molecules can originate from any species, such as human, fungal, bacterial, and plants. This field has exemplified impacts in human life advancement through three main areas: agricultural, health, and environmental. In agriculture, plants that are genetically modified and have augmented resistance to harmful agents are grown to increase the yield of crops. Recombinant pharmaceutical techniques, gene therapy, and genetic engineering are also widely used for the purpose of bioremediation and treating chronic diseases.

Essay 1. Restriction Enzymes : Steward Linn and Werner Arber isolated two enzymes which restricted the growth of bacteriophage in bacterium E. Smith, K. Wilcox and T. Kelley isolated restriction endonuclease whose working depended on a particular nucleotide sequence. They isolated this enzyme from bacteria Haemophilus influenzae and called is as Hind II.

Tools of Recombinant DNA Technology | Essay | Tools | Biotechnology

Recombinant DNA , molecules of DNA from two different species that are inserted into a host organism to produce new genetic combinations that are of value to science , medicine , agriculture, and industry. Since the focus of all genetics is the gene , the fundamental goal of laboratory geneticists is to isolate, characterize, and manipulate genes. Although it is relatively easy to isolate a sample of DNA from a collection of cells , finding a specific gene within this DNA sample can be compared to finding a needle in a haystack. Consider the fact that each human cell contains approximately 2 metres 6 feet of DNA. Therefore, a small tissue sample will contain many kilometres of DNA.

It is generated by transferring selected pieces of DNA from one organism to another. The vial shown in the photograph contains human insulin, one of the first therapeutic proteins that was genetically cloned. The drug is used to treat diabetes. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Genetic engineering is used for many different purposes in research, medicine, agriculture and industry.

Overview: DNA cloning

Posted on July 9th, Download PDF Version. For centuries, humans have used selective breeding techniques to modify the characteristics of both plants and animals. Typically, organisms with desired traits like a high grain count, specific petal color or fragrance, consistent milk production or ability to herd livestock have been chosen to pass those traits to the next generation.

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Recombinant DNA Techniques: Cloning and Manipulation of DNA

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