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Pump Problems And Solutions Pdf

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Figure 2. Close-up photo showing tubing set out of alignment.

This site uses cookies to give you a better experience, analyze site traffic, and gain insight to products or offers that may interest you. By continuing, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn how we use cookies, how they work, and how to set your browser preferences by reading our Cookies Policy. If you have a centrifugal pump problem, the odds are Mike Sondalini has included the solution in this very detailed e-book. Although this book primarily focuses on the centrifugal pump, many of the solutions are applicable to well… pumps in general.

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These two activities are often intimately connected and impossible to separate one from the other. Moreover, the proper execution of these activities requires a deep knowledge and understanding of operation and diagnostic procedures. While preventive procedures are related to design, selection of the proper pump, manufacture, installation and maintenance, corrective actions deal with diagnosis of malfunctions and choice of the proper correction step. However, an in-depth knowledge of what makes a pump operate satisfactorily, and what affects its operation are required, as well as how different factors can affect the performance of a given pump.

The aim of this book is to provide the reader with the information required to prevent, diagnose, and solve the widest possible spectrum of problems encountered with centrifugal pumps. It is intended to: - Explain how the layout can affect pump performance. Rating: 4. Reply Toggle Dropdown Quote. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum You cannot attach files in this forum You cannot download files in this forum.

Marine Pumps. Electrical Technical Officer's Library. Fletcher [, PDF]. Marine refrigeration plants. Pumps - Ioannis K. Dagkinis, Alexandros I. Glykas [, PDF]. Organization and management of maritime transport.

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When a newly-repaired pump performs poorly, good troubleshooting procedures can help eliminate a number of possibilities—including problems with the fluid being pumped the pumpage or with the pipes, fittings or vessels that are connected to the pump the system. A savvy technician with a basic understanding of pump curves and performance parameters can quickly narrow the possibilities—especially those associated with the pump. This discussion is limited to the most common pumps in industrial and commercial applications—centrifugal pumps. The performance curves in Figure 1 illustrate how the head, flow rate, efficiency and power relate to one another for a typical centrifugal pump. As head increases, flow decreases and vice versa. The TDH is the difference between discharge and suction pressure, converted to feet or meters of head. Caution: If there is little or no head or flow on startup, immediately shut off the pump and verify that sufficient fluid is in it—that the pump is primed.

The guide outlines common pumping problems and failures with probable causes and procedures for checking and correcting possible faults. Between regular maintenance inspections, be alert for signs of motor or pump trouble. Lack of prime Fill pump and suction pipe completely with liquid. Loss of prime Check for leaks in suction pipe joints and fittings; vent casing to remove accumulated air. Suction lift too high If no obstruction at inlet, check for pipe friction losses. However, static lift may be too great.

It includes information on general Centrifugal pump problems and their effect on. Centrifugal pumps with suggestions as to probable causes and solutions.

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What is meant by Pump? A pump is device which converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. Define a centrifugal pump. If the mechanical energy is converted into pressure energy by means of centrifugal force cutting on the fluid, the hydraulic machine is called centrifugal pump.

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This book may be of interest and assistance to people with different levels of education and training. We therefore start with a review of some of the most basic principles on which centrifugal pump operation is founded. This has been done for the purpose of making this book accessible to those who may not be familiar with these principles. People who are familiar with the pump problems discussed in the introductory part of this book may safely skip it and start directly with the more advanced topics. You must be logged in to post a comment.

When a newly-repaired pump performs poorly, good troubleshooting procedures can help eliminate a number of possibilities—including problems with the fluid being pumped the pumpage or with the pipes, fittings or vessels that are connected to the pump the system.

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