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A figure of speech is a literary device in which language is used in an unusual—or "figured"—way in order to produce a stylistic effect. Figures of speech can be broken into two main groups: figures of speech that play with the ordinary meaning of words such as metaphor , simile , and hyperbole , and figures of speech that play with the ordinary arrangement or pattern in which words are written such as alliteration , ellipsis , and antithesis.

A content analysis of print ads with a headline was conducted to investigate the frequency with which figures of speech and figure categories are used in ad headlines and the extent to which selected executional factors relate to their use. It is also one of the most straightforward in language and intent. The activities here include answers and are differentiated.

Figure of Speech

They also pack a punch in speeches and movie lines. As King of the Zulus, Shaka became immensely significant in building the Zulu tribe into an impressive and imposing empire. Most Zulu people regard themselves as Christians, predominantly belonging to the African Initiated Churches alongside European branches such as the Dutch Reformed, Anglican and Catholic churches. The chapter is concluded by mentioning the types of figures of speech which … jenga — from the Swahili word for "build" jive — … pin-gweenowe. Spot … The men and herd boys are primarily responsible for the cows, which are grazed in the open country, while the women do most, if not all, of the planting and harvesting. What is a figure of speech?

A figure of speech is a word or phrase that possesses a separate meaning from its literal definition. It can be a metaphor or simile , designed to make a comparison. It can be the repetition of alliteration or the exaggeration of hyperbole to provide a dramatic effect. In truth, there are a wealth of these literary tools in the English language. But, let's start out by exploring some of the most common figure of speech examples.

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How we change what others think, feel, believe and do. Figures of speech or 'rhetorical tropes' are ways of using words that may seem unusual but have a specific and desired effect. Read as 'normal words' they often break normal rules of grammar, but can be nevertheless understood They are common in poetry and eloquent speech. These are the four classic classifications for figures of speech that modify text: addition, omission, substitution and arrangement. It is often significant where these modifications happen, at the beginning, middle or end of the word, phrase or sentence. In some ways this list is a bit of a stretch in using the term ' figure ' to describe all. In fact many are actually more devices than figures.

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Figure of speech definition: Figure of speech is the use of language to add richness to the literal meaning of words. Accumulation is a figure of speech in which the.

100 Literary Devices and Figures of Speech

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Speech figures lend particularly well to literature and poetry. They also AlliterationAliteration is a repetition of the first sounds of neighboring words. Examples.

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Figure of Speech Examples

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  1. Marmion C.

    Download this entire guide (PDF) Figures of speech that play with the literal meaning of words are called tropes, while figures of speech that play with the.

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  2. Nurledubun

    The figures of speech list is over a hundred but some commonly used types are given along with examples. SIMILE. In simile two unlike things are explicitly compared. METAPHOR. PERSONIFICATION. METONYMY. APOSTROPHE. HYPERBOLE. SYNECDOCHE. TRANSFERRED EPITHETS.

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    This consists of expressing some fact or idea in a roundabout way, instead of stating it at once.

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    A figure of speech expresses an idea, thought, or image with words which carry meanings. Simile: a direct comparison of two things, usually employing the words. Metaphor: an implied comparison in which one thing is spoken of in terms of. Hyperbole: Personification: Irony: Allusion: Imagery.

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