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Job Batch And Contract Costing Pdf

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The tenn Specific Order Costing refers to the basic costing method which is applicable where the work consists of separate contracts, jobs or batches. Job Costing is that fonn of specific order costing which applies where industries which manufacture products or render services against specific orders such as civil contracts, construction works, automobile repair shop, printing press, machine tool manufacturing, ship building and furniture making etc. The material and labour costs are complied through the respective abstracts and overheads are charged on predetennined basis to arrive at the total cost. Advantages of Job Order Costing The following are the various advantages of Job order costing: 1 It helps management to identifying profitable and unprofitable jobs.

CA IPCC Contract Costing Job and Batch Costing Notes

Job Costing It means ascertaining costs of an individual job, work order or project separately. As such, each job is separately identifiable. In the case of a job, work is usually carried out within the factory or workshop. This method of costing is applicable to ship building, printing, engineering, machine tools, readymade garments, shoes, hats, furniture, musical instruments, interior decorations etc. Requisites of Job costing system:.

Methods of Costing

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Batch costing is a form of specific order costing. Job costing refers to costing of jobs that are executed against specific orders whereas in batch costing items are manufactured for stock. A finished product may require different components for assembly and may be manufactured in economical batch lots. When orders are received from different customers, there are common products among orders; then production orders may be issued for batches, consisting of a predetermined quantity of each type of product. Batch costing method is adopted in such cases to calculate the cost of each such batch.

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They have developed different methods of costing for different industries depending upon the type of manufacture and their nature. Mainly the industries can be grouped into two basic types: 1 Industries doing job work. A concern engaged in the execution of specification order is characterised as a firm producing several items distinguishable from one another by respective specifications and other details. Such a concern is thought of involved in performing job works.

Everything you need to know about the methods of costing. The method of costing refers to a system of cost ascertainment and cost accounting. Industries differ in their nature, in the products they produce and the services they offer. Hence, different methods of costing are used by different industries. For example, the method of costing employed by a building contractor is different from that of a transport company.

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Everything you need to know about the different methods of costing. There are different methods of costing for different industries depending on their nature of work. The methods of costing can be studied under the following heads:- 1. Methods Based on the Principles of Job Costing 2. Methods Based on the Principles of Process Costing. Some of the methods based on the principles of job costing are:- 1.

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Job Costing & Batch Costing - Methods of Costing, Cost Accounting B Com Notes | EduRev

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