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Games and sports are the major contributions of civilization and culture. It is not possible for us to imagine when men started sports.

Kho Kho is a traditional sport from the Indian subcontinent. This sport appeared long ago in Pune Gymkhana the state Maharashtra. It was played on chariots called Rath.

Comparative study on agility and explo Kho-Kho and Basketball players of P

Kho Kho Marathi, Hindi: -, Bengali: - is an Indian and Pakistani sport played by teams of twelve players who try to avoid being touched by members of the opposing team, only 9 players of the team enter the field. Kho Kho and Kabaddi, in spite of popular misconception, are not the same. Rules Each team consists of 12 players, but only 9 players take the field for a contest. An innings consists of chasing and running turns of 9 minutes each. The chasers can only run in one direction and cannot cut across the sitters unlike the dodgers who can run randomly and in between the sitters.

Kho Kho Rules : Kho Kho is one of the Highly popular and common games in most of the Indian rural locations for a long time now. It is highly recommended for people to try Kho Kho at least once in a lifetime because it allows them to enjoy a strategic game to play without compromising on the health aspects on a regular basis. It is not necessary to buy expensive gas and equipment in order to play Kho Kho but it requires a good amount of Intelligence in order to increase the speed and decrease to win the game from time to time. Most of the people would prefer to play Kho Kho because it allows them to burn an ample amount of calories in the body and improve the reflection aspects in an effective play. How to Play Kho Kho? Kho Kho is a rural game which has been played for a long time in both National and international levels in an effective way. It is highly recommended for people to know well about the game in terms of rules and restrictions because it helps them to get prepared in a fun way to win the game on a regular basis.

Each match will consist of two innings. Subsequently next 3 Runners shall enter the Court through their Entry Zone only. The Runners shall continue to enter the Court for Defense in the same batch till the end of the turn. The order of batch shall not be changed during a turn. If a Defender is declared out by showing RED CARD by the Referee, a substitute is allowed to Defending side and the substituted player shall enter with the same batch, if they are have to come inside in the same turn. An Attacker who put out the last Defender of the batch shall not chase the new batch of Defenders.

Kho Kho Rules & Regulation | Kho Kho Game Points & Fouls

Kho Kho is a popular tag game invented in Maharashtra , Ancient India. It is one of the two most popular traditional tag games in the Indian subcontinent , the other being Kabaddi. Kho-kho is a traditional Pakistani [2] and Indian sport, that is one of the oldest outdoor sports, dating back to ancient India. Originating in Maharashtra , Kho-Kho in ancient times was played on 'raths' or chariots and was known as Rathera. The present appearance of the game was an adoption from the time of World War I in But at that time, there were neither any dimensions of the playground nor the poles which demarcate the central line.

How to Play the Kho Kho Game

Which is the traditional game of India which consist traits such as cooperation, devotion, keenness, self-esteem, speed and quick thinking? The answer is Kho Kho! This traditional Indian sport is more than a game.

All you need to know about Kho Kho | History, Rules, Awards


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