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Many educators have had the experience of not being able to reach some students until presenting the information in a completely different way or providing new options for student expression.

Many of us are familiar with three broad categories in which people learn: visual learning, auditory learning, and kinesthetic learning. Beyond these three categories, many theories of and approaches toward human learning potential have been established.

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Show all documents Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences of Selected Business Administration Students Second, the researchers [2] identified the dominant intelligence areas of students based on the multiple intelligences theory as well as looked into the elements.

In this manner, the scanner model which described the present situation was used. Also, SPSS software was used in the statistical analysis.

Results demonstrate that naturalistic, interpersonal, and verbal intelligences predominated. To compare this with the present study, this study only focused more on the multiple intelligences. The present study dealt with the learning styles aside from the multiple intelligences. The present study used another questionnaire for the multiple intelligences. However, as we move into using a mix of media or multimedia, it becomes easier.

It satisfies the many types of learning preferences that one person may embody or that a class embodies. They are as follows- Visuals: Visual media help students acquire concrete concepts, such as object identification, spatial relationship, or motor skills where words alone are inefficient.

A Critical Analysis of Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences and their Contribution to Inclusive Education Learning styles are assigned on the basis of an individual completing a test in which they are required to make generalisations about how they might respond to specific challenges. However, individuals may not be able to assign a category to their behaviour; they may give responses which are socially desirable and they may feel constrained by the predetermined format of the test Coffield et al a; b.

Coffield , in his critique of learning style inventories, argues that context largely shapes how we behave. As individuals respond to various challenges throughout a day they will be required to use a range of learning styles and this undermines a theory which suggests that there is a dominant learning style. He obtained his first degree in bachelor of technology with education civil engineering at the Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia in In , he obtained his Ph.

His Ph. His working experiences include; secondary school teacher, subject matter expert, e-tutor, e-grader, proctor for final examination at Open University Malaysia, industrial practicum supervisor, undergraduate project, master and Ph. Email: tktee uthm. Current and previous research interests are thinking skills, thinking tools, self-instructional modular approach, learning styles and inventive problem-solving skills. Relations between language learning strategies, language proficiency and multiple intelligences The theory of multiple intelligences MI developed by Gardner, proposes at least nine different human intelligences that are distinct and relatively autonomous human intelligences through which people learn.

It has been theorized that knowing our MI profile assists us to learn and use this awareness to obtain necessary information and knowledge from a lesson. Leadership styles of school principals and their multiple intelligences profiles: Any relationship? The findings of this study indicate that multiple intelligences can act as one venue for improving, enhancing and promoting effective leadership skills. Multiple intelligences are fluid in nature and are very similar to finger prints: no two individuals may have the same MI profile Armstrong, Thus multiple intelligences can serve as a practical and down-to-earth approach to differentiating leadership skills acquisition, within leadership development initiatives.

The same way differentiated instruction is highly preferred as an approach to learning and teaching in classrooms as it maximizes the learning potential of students; differentiating the routes for acquiring leadership skills is equally valued as it offers a plethora of techniques for school principals and even other staff to develop their leadership capacity. Training would then be responsive to unique training needs of individual school principal, to maximize the skills of each school principal, and thus enhances organizational productivity.

Accommodating multiple learning styles and abilities in a large scale online learning resource The project is fundamentally about researching and developing online learning environments which offer learning support in a variety of contexts that can accommodate varying cognitive abilities and learning styles , with the minimum of material duplication. This is a particular issue when providing large-scale learning support across an institution, and beyond.

Considerations of online accessibility often concentrate upon visual and auditory impairments and dyslexia. These are very important issues and it is entirely right that they should be addressed. However, taking account of the cognitive abilities and learning preferences of students can represent a greater challenge as these styles and abilities affect every student, can be difficult to define, and can be even harder to accommodate without replicating materials.

This paper discusses the initial design of the RO, the evaluation of its metaphorical context, the research question that arose from that evaluation, the methods by which that question has been approached and the results of the research so far. We also discuss the opportunities for future work. Exploration of Gardner's Multiple Intelligences of Medical Professionals The results of the relationship between multiple intelligences and personal variables indicated that there were a positive but insignificant relation exit among gender, age, and multiple intelligences.

Maryam Ansari et. But contradict the result of many studies that the female possessed greater verbal-linguistic ability than the males, while the males possessed greater logical-mathematical ability than their counterparts and increasing age was indirectly associated with decreasing visual-spatial ability. The possible reason for the differences in this results was that this study and Maryam Ansari et.

Who looks after for patients health they must aware for their own health. So with increasing age doctors' spatial ability was not decreasing significantly. In our country generally bright and intelligence, individual opt for this profession and irrespective of the gender they inculcate and nurture their abilities.

Multiple Intelligences Of Students At Jordanian Universities Netoa, Ruiza and Furnhamb investigate the relationship among sex, attitude toward intelligence, and self-estimation of multiple intelligences for self and parents among Portuguese adolescents in secondary schools. They also answered six simple questions concerning intelligence and intelligence tests. There were various sex differences in self-estimated IQ: males rated themselves higher on overall, mathematical, spatial, intrapersonal, spiritual, and naturalistic IQ compared with females.

Multiple regressions indicated that verbal, logical, and intrapersonal intelligence were significant predictors for self and parents overall IQ estimations. Males were more likely to believe in sex differences in intelligence than females. Results were discussed in terms of the growing literature in the self-estimated intelligence, as well as limitations of that study. Counselling children using a multiple intelligences framework Sad Knights and Magical Days included dialogue drawn from the case studies, which focused on the exact words used by the Wizard and the client.

Throughout, the text emphasized the general nature of the questioning, using a series of questions termed the multiple intelligence questions, which will be provided in the published counselling text.

Also emphasized in the wording of the text was the notion that the Wizard must keep the process open and directed by the client. In doing this, the counsellor must guard against selecting an item for discussion which will stifle conversation and growth.

In opening the conversation the Wizard is careful not to assume anything from the sandplay that had unfolded before him. The passage below also emphasized how the Wizard directed the conversation to the feelings of the characters in the story. According to Foong, Shariffudin, and Mislan , the way of delivering the knowledge may not match the abilities of learners, leading to inefficient outcomes and learning failure of learners.

Therefore, Foong et al. To achieve effective learning in online settings, Felix posits that instructors need to consider both the cognitive process and the socio-constructivist process.

These parameters can be roughly broken down into cognitive incorporating the specifics of data processing, cognizance, decision making and creativity and operational specifying the way time, society, surroundings and context are being perceived. The quality of teaching is measured by how effectively the learning approach the teacher selected functions to achieve the learning objectives in a particular subject.

Several inventories that can identify what type of learner a student may be have been published. In a classroom where only one approach to learning is encouraged by a teacher, some students may possibly work and learn less effectively than others Alan, For this reason, an awareness of learning styles is important for teachers.

It had been the ideals of critics in teaching expertise that a teacher is expected of not merely delivering the exact coverage of the lesson; but also think that he caters different types of students. In many groups of students at Surigao Del Sur State University: English classes especially, teachers had observed students who are attuned to music, others to numbers , sports, dancing, and other extra- curricular activities.

In fact, they spend more time excitedly in these activities more than in their classes. The different likes are no other than the special characteristics each human being was born with and traits of the different kinds of intelligences that should have been tapped and given attention in the varied Language classrooms, and maybe be even in other classes other than language class.

Since at elementary levels students are younger and novice language learners, the textbooks consist of different activities ranging from drawing pictures, listening to the songs, performing some actions such as walking and running to making meanings and concepts clear.

As a result, the textbooks were designed in such a way to engage all the intelligence types of the students and activate them in order to make the process of learning more convenient. This is consistent with the adoption of roles in which people act in community with what is perceived to be good outcomes for the group.

Both results are consistent with the thrust of this distinction of differences in the way in which we prefer to interact with others. By way of contrast those with the preference for a Pragmatic role Theorists and Improvisers , their higher scores on Logical-Mathematical and Spatial Intelligences were not statistically significant.

These temperaments associated with the Pragmatic role are guided by what they see needs to be done to achieve desired outcomes. Learning styles and teaching strategies in chemical engineering: an study With the results, it is possible to see a trend of students of Chemical Engineering to balance the learning steps, this very satisfactory result to demonstrate that they are able to learn significantly for several ways. This result provides further evidence of the influence of life history in learning style of the individual pointing to a maturing of the learner over the years.

The research has indicated that students at the time were mostly in perception stage, visual stage in the input and balanced in the other two learning styles.

Although this is not the same group of students, this comparison suggests a propensity to equilibrium as the learning process progresses.

In general, one might also conclude that the socioeconomic characteristics of individuals have no association with statistical learning styles , such as exception Perception Stage, which demonstrated relationship with the gender of the respondent and the processing stage, with the level of education of parents. As students of Chemical Engineering proved to be essentially balanced in their way of learning , was not required a discussion with teachers about the best teaching strategies to be used with them.

However, according to Felder and Silverman , there are teaching techniques that can be used by teachers to cover all learning styles present in the classroom. To benefit both sensory as intuitive, you can try to find a balance in the content so that it does not get extremely concrete, with many facts and results, favoring only the sensory nor too abstract, using many theories and interpretations, behavior that would favor only intuitive. Thus, Munoz , p. Indeed, some subjects lend themselves more to visualisations, such as the Arts, while other subjects may make greater use of information on the Internet, such as business-related subjects.

The purpose of this study was to design a probability material for PBL based teaching materials to enhance students' creative thinking skills. The purpose of this study was to develop the draft teaching materials for learners based on Problem Based Learning to improve the ability to think creatively to improve the skills of eighth-graders. This study using ADDIE development model which includes five phases: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.

This study only reached the stage of design. The object of this research is the students' characteristics, evaluation of instructional materials and curriculum. This research resulted in design analysis Worksheet learners consisting of the first part cover, preface, table of contents, the instruction on the materials Worksheet learners, directions for use Worksheet learners, concept maps, core competence and basic competences , part content learning activities using the steps in problem-Based learning , summary and evaluation and final chapter glossary and bibliography.

Related subjects.

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

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PreK—K , 1—2 , 3—5 , 6—8 , 9— In the early s, Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences took the educational world by storm. Educators had long dabbled in learning modalities — verbal, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic methods for receiving information — and recognized that not all students learn the same way. The multiple intelligences go beyond learning modalities, as they deal with the way information is process and how learning occurs in individuals. In his research, Gardner identified a minimum of eight "intelligences," problem-solving and product-producing capabilities:.

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He writes that we may all have these intelligences, but our profile of these intelligence may differ individually based on genetics or experience. Linguistic Intelligence is a part of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory that deals with sensitivity to the spoken and written language, ability to learn languages, and capacity to use language to accomplish certain goals. People with linguistic intelligence, such as William Shakespeare and Oprah Winfrey, have an ability to analyze information and create products involving oral and written language such as speeches, books, and memos. Logical-mathematical intelligence refers to the capacity to analyze problems logically, carry out mathematical operations, and investigate issues scientifically. People with logical-mathematical intelligence, such as Albert Einstein and Bill Gates, have an ability to develop equations and proofs, make calculations, and solve abstract problems.

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

Critical Evaluation

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