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Sen, M. This paper discusses and compares three different algorithms based on combinatorial optimization schemes for generating stochastic permeability fields. The algorithms are not restricted to generating Gaussian random fields and have the potential to accomplish geologic realism by combining data from many different sources.

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User Username Password Remember me. Citation Analysis Academia. Even though there are various algorithms for the problem, there is opportunity to improve the existing algorithms in order gaining a better result. In this research, genetic algoritm is hybridized with simulated annealing algoritm to solve the problem.

An enhanced genetic algorithm with simulated annealing for job-shop scheduling

This chapter introduces the basic concepts and notation of genetic algorithms and simulated annealing, which are two basic search methodologies that can be used for modelling and simulation of complex non-linear dynamical systems. Since both techniques can be considered as general purpose optimization methodologies, we can use them to find the mathematical model which minimizes the fitting errors for a specific problem. On the other hand, we can also use any of these techniques for simulation if we exploit their efficient search capabilities to find the appropriate parameter values for a specific mathematical model. We also describe in this chapter the application of genetic algorithms to the problem of finding the best neural network or fuzzy system for a particular problem. We can use a genetic algorithm to optimize the weights or the architecture of a neural network for a particular application. Alternatively, we can use a genetic algorithm to optimize the number of rules or the membership functions of a fuzzy system for a specific problem. These are two important application of genetic algorithms, which will be used in later chapters to design intelligent intelligent systems for controlling real world dynamical systems.

Simulated Annealing Genetic Algorithm Based Schedule Risk Management of IT Outsourcing Project

The method is a two-layer algorithm, in which the external subalgorithm optimizes the decision of the facility location decision while the internal subalgorithm optimizes the decision of the allocation of customer's demand under the determined location decision. The performance of the CSA is tested by 30 instances with different sizes. The computational results show that CSA works much better than the previous algorithm on DFLP and offers a new reasonable alternative solution method to it. The classical facility location problem FLP is one of the most important models in combinatorial optimization, which is to determine the number and locations of the facilities and allocate customers to these facilities in such a way that the total cost is minimized. The FLP may be the most critical and most difficult decision in the designing of an efficient supply chain for the facilities are costly and difficult to reverse after being located. The problem is also encountered in other areas such as material distribution, transportation network, and telecommunication network. The FLP can be classified in two categories as discrete problem and continuous problem according to whether the sets of demand points and facility locations are finite.

This chapter introduces the basic concepts and notation of genetic algorithms and simulated annealing, which are two basic search methodologies that can be​.

An enhanced genetic algorithm with simulated annealing for job-shop scheduling

IT outsourcing is an effective way to enhance the core competitiveness for many enterprises. But the schedule risk of IT outsourcing project may cause enormous economic loss to enterprise. In this paper, the Distributed Decision Making DDM theory and the principal-agent theory are used to build a model for schedule risk management of IT outsourcing project. In addition, a hybrid algorithm combining simulated annealing SA and genetic algorithm GA is designed, namely, simulated annealing genetic algorithm SAGA. The effect of the proposed model on the schedule risk management problem is analyzed in the simulation experiment.

Combined Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Discrete Facility Location Problem

HillClimbing, Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms

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Keywords: Heuristics, Simulated Annealing, Genetic Algorithms, Facility Layout Problem,. Parallel Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization. 1.

Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing

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