pdf filename and custom text stamp

Pdf Filename And Custom Text Stamp

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PDF Stamp enables you to add stamps to every page in a document, or to specific page ranges or increments. Moreover, you can stamp copyright notices, disclaimers, or any other text in your choice of font, point size, opacity level, and color RGB or Grayscale. With the help of this stamp creator, you can annotate your PDF with custom stamps.

Sometimes we need to show file name on the header or other positions of PDF document, then once it is opened, the basic information will be showed at once. Own this software, you can stamp PDF by filename in batch. In the following part, I will show you how to make it.

PDF Filename Labeler

Adding a watermark to a company-related document helps ensure confidentiality or prohibit others from stealing the material. In addition to creating a watermark that consists of text, many programs allow you to use an image, such as your small business's logo. To test the software, install the free trial version. Customize the text by selecting a font style, size and color. Type the word or phrase you want to use as your watermark. By default, the angle is set to 45 degrees.

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Maintain a visual reminder of the original file by stamping the filename on the PDF before it is renamed by other processes or combined with other documents. Extracting the Filename Stamper Action Before installing the Action, you will need to extract it from this document. In the Attachments Panel at left, select Filename Stamper. Locate the Filename Stamper. Double-click the file and click the Import button. Acrobat will ask you to confirm that you wish to run the Action. Click the Next button.

This program allows you to batch stamp the filename, custom text, watermark, page numbers etc to PDF files using iTEXT.

How to add filename as stamp on PDF document?

Stamp collections of documents, such as ones stored in a particular folder, and add a variety of stamps—including automated Bates numbering—to each file in the folder without opening the document. If you need an automated server process that will add text and image stamps to a batch of files or add content dynamically, please see the server-based StampPDF Batch or AppendPDF Pro applications. Once you save a stamp file, you can use it over and over again to stamp documents, or use it as the basis for a new stamp. Contact us for more information and volume pricing.

How to Create and Apply a Watermark to PDF Documents

StampPDF Desktop Edition

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JOHNNY'S FREE PDF BATCH FILENAME LABELER! Stamp filenames to PDFs (Also does page numbers, custom text, watermarks, and now will embed.

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