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The method and criteria that are used for detecting the aesthetic value in works of art are among the key themes of aesthetic epistemology. The object of this study is to attempt a rational reconstruction of the background of art criticism. In tradition Western thought, aesthetic value lies in archieving unity in complexity, unitas multiplex. In the 20 th century, this duality was enriched by a third category, intensity.

Kitsch and art

The exploration of the forms of kitsch in this literature merits particular attention for several reasons. She considers this literature in the broader context of books for children, looking at kitsch not only in literature but also in illustration, because children too perceive an artistic statement as a whole. In addition to her attempt to formulate in theory at least some of the typical features of kitsch in books for children, the author briely analyses selected areas, including well-known brands, fairy tales, poetry, and tried and tested titles. She concludes that she has only scratched the surface of such research, and that more thorough research has yet to be done. Kitsch is ubiquitous, and can hardly be avoided. The most important thing is the approach taken by adults, and how successful they are in forming the personalities of children in their attitude to high-quality works of art. Shibboleth authentication is only available to registered institutions.

From Tomas Kulka on Kitsch and Art to Art as a Singular Rule

Du kanske gillar. A World History of Art, Revised 7th ed. Kitsch and Art av Thomas Kulka. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Laddas ned direkt. What is kitsch?

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Forgeries and Art Evaluation: An Argument for Dualism in Aesthetics Tomas Kulka bio If a fake is so expert that even after the most thorough and trustworthy examination its authenticity is still open to doubt, is it or is it not as satisfactory a work of art as if it were unequivocally genuine? It is a wonderful moment in the life of a lover of art when he finds himself suddenly confronted with a hitherto unknown painting by a great master, untouched, on the original canvas, and without any restoration, just as it left the painter's studio. And what a picture! Neither the beautiful signature.

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Kitsch and Art

Such objects are sometimes appreciated in a knowingly ironic or humorous way. Hence, "kitsch art" is closely associated with "sentimental art".


Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: After reading this book, you will really know how exactly the importance of reading books as common. Think once again as what this kitsch and art gives you new lesson, the other books with many themes and genres and million PDFs will also give you same, or more than it.

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