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Light Reflection And Refraction Mcq Compitation Based Pdf

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science with Answers PDF Download

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Rays from an object placed at a large distance in a concave mirror after reflection forms the image at the Focus. Rays from an object placed at a large distance in a convex mirror after reflection forms the image at the Focus. Rays from an object placed at Focus after reflection in a concave mirror forms the image at a very large distance.

Rays from an object placed between F and 2F in a concave mirror after reflection forms the image beyond the Focus. The focal length of a concave mirror is 10cm.

The position of the object that is useful for getting an enlarged image which can be caught on a screen is. Four students A, B, C and D carried out the experiment of finding out focal length. A student obtained a blurred image of an illuminated distant tower on a screen by using a convex lens In order to obtain sharp image of the tower on the screen ,he must shift the lens. An object AB is placed in front of a convex Lens at its principal focus The image will be formed at.

When an object moves closer to a concave lens, the Image formed by it shifts. When a ray of light passes from a denser medium to a rarer medium which angle is greater.

C Which allows most of the light to pass through. Normal always lies between the incident ray and the reflected ray when the ray is incident obliquely on a surface. State true or false :. The focal length of a spherical mirror whose radius of curvature is 20 cm is :. A ray of light is incident on a plane mirror at an angle of incidence i.

Then the ray after reflection is deviated by an angle q equal to :. A ray of light coming along radius of curvature after reflection from concave mirror :. When image and object are on the same side of a concave mirror then nature of image will be :. The angle of incidence of a ray passing through centre of curvature of a spherical mirror is :.

When an object is moved from C to F of a concave mirror then its image will move from :. D Focal length of concave mirror is negative and that of convex mirror is positive.

An object of size 2. The distance of the object from the mirror equals the radius of curvature. The size of the image will be :. An object is placed 20 cm from a convex mirror. Its image is formed 12 cm from the mirror. Find the focal length of the mirror :. A dentist uses a small mirror that gives a magnification of 4 when it is held 0. The radius of curvature of the mirror is :. Find the height of the image formed :. When light travels from one medium to the other of which the refractive index is different, then the quantities which will change :.

Direction of path of light changes at the interface of the two media. This phenomenon is known as :. What is the R. The height through which an object appears to be raised in a denser medium is called :. The perpendicular distance between the incident and emergent rays, when light is incident obliquely on a refracting slab with parallel faces is called :. For the figure given below which of the following statements is correct :. B Only that part of lens through which refraction is taking place.

A lens of power 6 D is put in contact with a lens of power —4 D. The combination will behave like a :.

B convergent lens of focal length 50 cm. If an object of size 5 cm is placed 20 cm from a lens and its image of same size is formed 20 cm from lens on other side, lens is :. We put glass piece on a printed page, image of prints on the page has same size when viewed from glass piece.

The piece is :. If parallel rays are incident on a convex lens, after refraction these rays will meet at :. If image formed by a lens is always diminished and between F and O then the lens is :.

If optical density of a medium is high then the speed of light in that medium is :. In convex lens, if the object is at infinity then position of image is at :. D all the rays converge together to a single point. When the ray of light falls obliquely on the interface of two media and goes to the another medium. It is called:. D Because the focal length of the eye lens in water gets changed and the image is no longer focused sharply on the retina.

A far sighted person cannot focus distinctly objects closer than cm. The lens that will permit him to read from a distance of 40 cm will have a focal length :. Previous Pause Next.

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CBSE 10th Science Board Exam 2020: Important MCQs from Chapter 10 Light - Reflection & Refraction

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When light falls on a smooth polished surface, most of it a is reflected in the same direction b is reflected in different directions c is scattered d is refracted into the second medium. Image formed by reflection from a plane mirror is a real and inverted b virtual and erect c real and erect d virtual and inverted. If an incident ray passes through the focus, the reflected ray will a pass through the pole b be parallel to the principal axis c retrace its path d pass through the centre of curvature.

MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science Light Reflection and Refraction with Answers

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