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How can I believe that Bernard has already left us? I was on the phone with Bernard just a week ago, talking about an event in Arles at the end of August and our future projects.

A Summary of Bernard Stiegler, Technics and Time, 1

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What is a technical object? At the beginning of Western philosophy, Aristotle contrasted beings formed by nature, which had within themselves a beginning of movement and rest, and man-made objects, which did not have the source of their own production within themselves. This book, the first of three volumes, revises the Aristotelian argument and develops an innovative assessment whereby the technical object can be seen as having an essential, distinct temporality and dynamics of its own. The Aristotelian concept persisted, in one form or another, until Marx, who conceived of the possibility of an evolution of technics. Lodged between mechanics and biology, a technical entity became a complex of heterogeneous forces. In a parallel development, while industrialization was in the process of overthrowing the contemporary order of knowledge as well as contemporary social organization, technology was acquiring a new place in philosophical questioning. Philosophy was for the first time faced with a world in which technical expansion was so widespread that science was becoming more and more subject to the field of instrumentality, with its ends determined by the imperatives of economic struggle or war, and with its epistemic status changing accordingly.

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A summary of Bernard Stiegler’s Technics and Time 1 by Dan Ross

Bernard Stiegler. English Choose a language for shopping. Technics, Individuation and Tertiary Memory: Bernard Stiegler's challenge to media theory Stiegler makes a convincing case for the vital importance of the politics of memory in the 21st century. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Translated by Stephen Barker. Since publication of Technics and Time, 2, it has been clear that Bernard Stiegler understood, more incisively than almost all of his contemporaries, that the technological is political.

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Cultural Politics

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technics and time, 1 pdf

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The series currently consists of three books. Stiegler argues that "technics" forms the horizon of human existence. This fact has been suppressed throughout the history of philosophy, which has never ceased to operate on the basis of a distinction between episteme and tekhne. The thesis of the book is that the genesis of technics corresponds not only to the genesis of what is called "human" but of temporality as such, and that this is the clue toward understanding the future of the dynamic process in which the human and the technical consists. Stiegler published three volumes in the Technics and Time series. Volume Two was published in translation by Stanford University Press in with the subtitle, Disorientation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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In Memory of Bernard

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File:Stiegler Bernard Technics and Time 1 The Fault of Epimetheus.pdf

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 Хорошо, хорошо.

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