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The present study is an attempt to investigate oil and grease pollution that may pollute fresh water and influence aquatic environment.

Carlo Pastore, Michele Pagano, Antonio Lopez, Giuseppe Mininni, Giuseppe Mascolo; Fat, oil and grease waste from municipal wastewater: characterization, activation and sustainable conversion into biofuel. Water Sci Technol 1 April ; 71 8 : — The respective free fatty acid profiles were gas-chromatographically evaluated, interestingly verifying that free acids had a different profile mainly oleic acid with respect to the soapy fraction saturated fatty acids were dominant.

ASTM Test Method for Oil and Grease Measurement in Water and Soil Samples

Removal of free oil and grease from a wastewater stream reduces the potential for equipment problems to occur further downstream. There are three forms of oil encountered in wastewater treatment at a refinery. They are:. Figure 1 shows a typical biological wastewater treatment schematic; however other treatment options do exist as well. Biological treatment systems are commonly used for "normal" industrial oily wastewaters streams, and can also be used to treat sanitary waste. A disadvantage is the difficulty sustaining the biomass environment due to high swings in wastewater concentrations, TDS and temperature.

In the determination of oil and grease, an absolute quantity of a specific substance is not measured. Rather, groups of substances with similar physical characteristics are determined quantitatively on the basis of their common solubility in an organic extracting solvent. It includes other material extracted by the solvent from an acidified sample such as sulfur compounds, certain organic dyes, and chlorophyll and not volatilized during the test. The 12th Edition of Standard Methods prescribed the use of petroleum ether as the solvent for natural and treated waters and n -hexane for polluted waters. The 13th Edition added trichlorotrifluoroethane as an optional solvent for all sample types. In the 14th through the 17th Editions, only trichlorotrifluoroethane was specified.

For reasons that we will explore later, a better name for this particular test would be HEM Hexane Extractable Material. Depending on the specific origin of the material they can foul up water treatment processes, impart unpleasant odors or tastes to the water, or look unpalatable. Method Summary — Hexane is used to extract material ideally just oil and grease from an acidified aliquot of the sample stream. The hexane is evaporated and the entire amount of residue left behind is defined as oil and grease. This is because, while the common perception of oil and grease will be recovered by this method, other materials which are not oil or grease will also be detected. To make matters worse, some materials that you would think should be included are not.

Oil & Grease Analysis

Please confirm that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. The discharge of oil and grease into water environments such as oceans and rivers is a water quality control issue since it may lead to environmental problems including adverse effects on ecological systems and malodor. However, here are issues with this method including the necessity of cumbersome pretreatment and the long time required until results are obtained. ASTM D enables quantitation of oil and grease in water with a simple measurement method that utilizes the absorption band of CH groups, thereby eliminating the need for solvent extraction. View Article.

In untreated wastewater, the total oil and grease (TOG) concentration can vary between. to 2, ppm [4]. In Brazil, the rules issued by the. National.

Refinery Wastewater: Oil & Grease Removal

Oil and grease includes fats, oils, waxes, and other related constituents found in water, generally wastewater. If these compounds are not removed before discharge of treated wastewater, oil and grease can interfere with biological life in surface waters and create unsightly films. Fats and oils are contributed to domestic wastewater in butter, lard, margarine, and vegetable fats and oils. Fats are also commonly found in meats, in the germinal area of cereals, in seeds, in nuts, and in certain fruits. The low solubility of fats and oils reduces their rate of microbial degradation.

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Oil and Grease Removal from Industrial Wastewater Using New Utility Approach

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Quantitative Analysis of Oil and Grease in Water Using FTIR Based on ASTM D7575

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