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Introduced as part of the original In , with the ratification of the full WEP was the only encryption protocol available to

Wired Equivalent Privacy

Basic security measures for IEEE Oscar P. Sarmiento 1 , Fabio G. Guerrero 2 and David Rey Argote 3. Experto, Redes de Computadores. En Resources from the wired network side are exposed to unknown users if no action is taken to protect wireless local area network WLAN security; the Internet connection can be used by third parties for illegal activities and wired network traffic can be captured, leaving legitimate users at potential risk of identity theft. Some basic measures securing the network against casual access by inexperienced intruders but offering no real protection against expert intruder attacks are: changing both the access points AP , factory default administration key and service set identifier SSID , updating the APs to support Wi-Fi protected access WPA or Wi-Fi protected access 2 WPA2 security, disabling the SSID broadcast to prevent connecting non-authorised users, filtering the media access control MAC address to allow known station only connection and adjusting transmitting power to restrict coverage to that which is strictly required.

Received 12 October ; accepted 14 December ; published 17 December Data security in wireless network has posed as a threat that has stuck to the core of data communication from point A to point B. There have been a variety of security issues raised in wired and wireless networks and security specialists proposed a variety of solutions. The proposed security solutions in wired networks could not be successfully implemented in wireless networks to identify, authenticate and authorize users due to infrastructural and working principles of wireless networks. Data on wireless network are much exposed to threats because the network is been broadcasted unlike a wired network.

WPA vs. WPA2

Of the three, WPA2 is the most secure, as this comparison explains. If a router is left unsecured, someone can steal your internet bandwidth, carry out illegal activities through your connection and therefore in your name , monitor your internet activity, and install malicious software on your network. WPA and WPA2 are meant to protect wireless internet networks from such mischief by securing the network from unauthorized access. But RC4 by itself is so problematic that Microsoft has urged users and companies to disable it when possible and rolled out an update in November that removed RC4 from Windows altogether. No devices or operating systems updated prior to can meet these security standards. As of March , no new hardware or device can use the Wi-Fi trademark without recognizing the WPA2 certification program.

Wireless Network Wi-Fi becomes extremely popular over the world on the lastly two decades. Nowadays, most people are using the wireless networks for online banking and shopping. It also allows people to share information and communicate with each other whenever and wherever they are. Moreover, it has the advantages of flexibility and freedom of mobility and enables smart phones and laptops to provide a rapid and easy access to information. All of that makes the protection of the wireless network highly demanded to be existed.

With wireless networks, or Wi-Fi, becoming the norm in most homes, it has become a target for many hackers and key-loggers due to poor security network. So what do they do and what are their differences? It is a security algorithm meant to provide data confidentiality similar to that of a wired local network, hence its name. It was the most often used security measure at one time, and it is the default security choice presented by most routers in their configurations. WEP was even ratified as the Wi-Fi security standard in

This is the WPA Use the same technique in WEP, but added some secrecy like TKIP. As the WPA2 is the best in terms of their confidential and reliability attributed to the difficulty of a break and has a unique encryption key, so it needs a bit of time. This makes it a better standard to be applied in wireless LAN.

Difference between WEP, WPA and WPA2

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A Survey on Wi-Fi Protocols: WPA and WPA2

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WPA vs. WPA2

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