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Cut And Fill Mining Method Pdf

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Manekar, Ganesh G.

This system can be adapted to many different ore body shapes and ground conditions. Together with room-and-pillar mining, it is the most flexible of underground methods. In cut-and-fill mining, the ore is removed in a series of horizontal drifting slices. When each slice….

Cut and fill

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Notify your administrator of your interest. More than 40 chapters covering such underground mining topics as sampling, planning, reserve analysis, cost calculations, various methods of support, block and panel caving, and sublevel caving make up this comprehensive text.

Numerous tables and figures enhance the extensive material found in each chapter. An excellent teaching tool and source book, this book is a must for any mining student or engineer. Show less. View More. Back to Table of Contents. International Atomic Energy Ag Open Share Save. View All. Click here to Expand all. Click here to Collapse all. View Section, Preface. View Section, Table of Contents.

Section 1. View Section, 1. Ore Reserve Calculation. View Section, 2. Choosing an Underground Mining Method. View Section, 3. General Mine Planning. View Section, 4. Sampling, Dilution, and Recovery. Section 2. Methods Requiring Minimum Support. View Section, 5. View Section, 6. View Section, 7. View Section, 8. Sublevel Stoping. View Section, 9. Considerations for Sublevel Stoping. View Section, Cost Calculations for Sublevel Longhole Stoping.

Section 3. Stopes Requiring Additional Support other than Pillars. Shrinkage Stoping: An Introduction. Shrinkage Stoping at the Crean Hill Mine. Shrinkage Stoping at the Idarado Mine.

Cost Calculations for Mechanized Shrinkage Stoping. Cut-and-Fill Stoping: An Introduction. The Zinc Corporation, Ltd. Cut-and-Fill Stoping at Star Mine. Cut-and-Fill at the Bruce Mine. Cut-and-Fill at Homestake Mining Co. Undercut-and-Fill Mining: An Introduction. Section 4. Sublevel Caving. Sublevel Caving: An Introduction. Sublevel Caving at Craigmont Mines Ltd. Planning Economics of Sublevel Caving. Section 5. Block and Panel Caving. Block Caving: General Description.

Climax Panel Caving and Extraction System. San Manuel Mine. The Henderson Mine. View Section, Index. All rights reserved.

View In: Mobile Desktop. This book consists of selected material from the out-of-print industry standard, Underground Mining.

cut-and-fill mining

Rock Mechanics pp Cite as. An analysis was presented in Chapter 13 of the yield potential of an orebody when mined with a naturally supported method. It showed that under certain circumstances, the maximum extraction possible from the deposit may be unacceptably low. This conclusion applies particularly when the compressive strength of the rock mass is low relative to the local in-situ state of stress. The discussion in Section

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PDF | Introduction Application of Cut-and-Fill (C & F) stoping The activity cycle of the (C & F) method Stages of the production cycle of the C & F.


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Show all documents Experimental and Analytical Studies to Achieve an Optimised Cemented Backfill Mix to be Used in a Cut-Fill Mining Method A schematic of the multi-slice cut -and- fill mining method is depicted in Figure 5, with respect to this method; ore to be mined from stope A in a series of horizontal slices height of one meter, after each slice is removed backfill is placed into the stope using concrete, creating sufficient working platform to extract ore for the next slice. After six slices have been mined out, extraction of stope B can be started. A concrete pillar will be formed by filling the mined portioned would act as a retaining wall stabilising for stope B.

Manekar, Ganesh G. Expecting 3, rest of the mines is worked through underground methods at shallow m to moderate depth m below the surface. MOIL is producing annually more than 1.

Rock Mechanics for underground mining pp Cite as. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.


Underground hard rock mining refers to various underground mining techniques used to excavate hard minerals , usually those containing metals [1] such as ore containing gold , silver , iron , copper , zinc , nickel , tin and lead , but also involves using the same techniques for excavating ores of gems such as diamonds or rubies. Soft rock mining refers to excavation of softer minerals such as salt , coal , or oil sands. Accessing underground ore can be achieved via a decline ramp , inclined vertical shaft or adit.

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Mining methods and method selection

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