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Department Of Science And Technology Inspire Program Pdf

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The scheme covers students in the age group of years and has five components. Children will be encouraged to come up with creative ideas on their own.

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The officials notify aspirants about the scholarship via an online advertisement. The purpose of the scholarship is to award the meritorious students pursuing bachelors or masters courses in natural and basic sciences. Interested aspirants can apply for the scholarship via online mode. The scholarship will be available for a maximum of five years.

The officials will shortlist the candidates based on their application. On selection, aspirants will receive support in the form of cash for the duration of the scholarship. The objective of the scholarship is to promote natural or basic science among young minds.

It communicates to the young generation of the country about the excitement of the creative pursuits of science. The scholarship will allow the aspirants to pursue science at UG or PG level. The officials support the selected aspirants with the scholarship for a maximum of five years from the first-year course in B. The scholarship will be valid up to the completion of the course. However, the continuation of the scholarship will depend on the performance of the candidates in the examination and certificate by the institute imparting education.

Like every year, the officials invite applications for Interested candidates must check the portal to access the application dates of the scholarship. Any aspirant who will miss the deadline cannot apply for the scholarship. The officials specify the subjects under basic and natural science which are within the scope of the scholarship for pursuing B. Often students skip checking the eligibility criteria and apply for the scholarship, which may lead to rejection of the application.

The officials define the age, educational and other requirements that aspirants need to fulfil to apply for the scholarship. The officials reject or disqualify candidates found ineligible at the time of application or selection process. Aspirants must keep the documents supporting their eligibility ready for the verification.

Eligible aspirants can apply for the scholarship online via the portal. Candidates must provide all the necessary details and complete the application form in all respects. In the case of incomplete information, the officials hold the right to reject the application.

The officials evaluate the applications of the candidates based on the eligibility criteria. The officials will consider the qualification, eligibility, rank or score of the aspirants for selection. The officials will release a selection list with the names of the selected candidates. Selected aspirants must download the provisional offer letter and upload the necessary documents within the specified time.

The selected candidates will receive the scholarship amount directly in their bank account of state bank of India through direct bank transfer DBT mode. The officials will provide a reward in the form of cash to the selected aspirants. Aspirants will need to apply for the renewal of the scholarship. The students need to secure the specified marks to be eligible for the renewal.

The scholarship rewards the meritorious students and financially supports them in pursuing natural or basic science at UG or PG level. Aspirants with interest in science and wish to pursue any of these courses can apply for the scholarship.

For any query, contact- Email ID: prog-dst nic. Ans:Aspirants must check the eligibility conditions and apply for the scholarship. Ans: Yes, candidates will need to upload specified documents along with the form to apply for the scholarship. If you have any queries then you can ask us and we will answer you. Use the comment section below for any queries and comments. Stay tuned to embibe. Support: support embibe. General: info embibe.

What is the last date of the scholarship? Do I need to upload any document along with the application form for the scholarship? What is the duration of the scholarship?

inspire science pdf

California Inspire Science provides an in-depth, collaborative, and project-based learning experience. It is designed to help you spark student interest and empower them to think critically and ask more questions. Each unit includes 1—4 modules, and each module includes 2—5 lessons. Why is ISBN important? You can use our map of volunteers to contact local volunteers to visit your classroom, or search in any city to find computer science students or technical professionals who are ready to inspire your students remotely, via video chat. By: Douglas Fisher and Ralph M.

Under the scheme SHE, each selected candidate gets a scholarship amount valued at INR 80, per annum for the study of Science and Technology and pursue research as a career. The maximum period for which the students can avail the benefits of this scholarship is five years or till the completion of the course whichever is earlier. Find below the complete details of the benefits granted under this scholarship. Note : All the selected candidates need to undertake summer research projects under the guidance of an active researcher in a recognised research center of India. The scholarship is announced every year during the mid of October and ends at the end of the month of December.

A striking feature of the programme is that it does not believe in conducting competitive exams for identification of talent at any level. It believes in and relies on the efficacy of the existing educational structure for identification of talent. The strength of the innovation infrastructure of a nation has enormous significance in the competition among emerging knowledge economies. The realization of Vision calls for action and a well designed innovation infrastructure. Generation and nurturing of a human talent pool capable of utilizing and developing first principles in science is both a pre-condition and integral part of such an innovation infrastructure. It is a programme with long term foresight.

"Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)" is an innovative programme sponsored and managed by the Department of Science & Technology.

inspire science pdf

A striking feature of the programme is that it does not believe in conducting competitive exams for identification of talent at any level. It believes in and relies on the efficacy of the existing educational structure for identification of talent. These Science Camps essentially nourish the curiosity of children in science; help them to think out of the box and attract the students at an early age of 16 — 17 years i. In all up till now 16 camps were organized and students benefited by these camps.

This scholarship scheme is offered to 12, scholars every year. The net amount of the scholarship is Rs. It will be important for the candidate that they must register themselves first and have to provide the details in the registration form which is valid and correct. In case of any discrepancy, candidates are advised to contact the Helpline Number Of Inspire Scholarship , mentioned below in the article. The article also contains the terms and condition for submitting the Inspire Scholarship performance report and mark sheets.

INSPIRE Scholarship – Check Eligibility, Application & Selection Process, Benefits

It is also certified that the student is NOT receiving scholarship from any source other than the Department of Science and Technology , Government of India.

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