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Profit And Loss Data Interpretation Questions Pdf

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Practice online quiz fully solved examples with detailed answers.

Having sound knowledge in this topic will easily help you get a handful of marks. We suggest you to download the free PDF and practice the examples as well as the questions given for practice as well. If you want to practice more questions, click below to solve topic-wise and a lot of other quizzes. Swami bought a phone for which the MRP is Rs After a month he resold the toy at the MRP to Ananth.

Profit and Loss Based DI For SBI PO Pre, CET, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO Pre, IBPS Clerk, 2021

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Profit is money earned when a certain commodity is sold at price higher than Cost Price. A Loss is money lost when a certain commodity is sold at price lower than Cost Price. Profit Percentage, as well as Loss Percentage, is carried with respect to C. P only. Tom buys a cycle for Rs. If he sells the cycle for Rs. The cost price of 20 articles is the same as the selling price of x articles.

100 High Level Data Interpretation Questions & Answers PDF – Download Here

Profit, Loss and Discount are yet another crucial topics of an Arithmetic section of Quantitative Aptitude. You may also find the application of this topic in certain Data Interpretation questions as well. To help you all prepare for this topic better, we will discuss this topic today. Before going to detail on this topic, we recommend you to go through the following topics -Percentage and Ratio. Let us now discuss this topic. Consider the information below - Raunak was travelling to Jaipur from New Delhi by train.

New Pattern Based Profit and Loss Missing DI For SBI PO Pre, LIC AAO , Download Discount Based DI PDF, Difficult Data Interpretation Question and.

2000+ DI Questions for All Bank Exams with detailed solutions

Data Interpretation PDF questions are here. It is common for both the preliminary and mains test. The difficulty level of the questions though varies for both phases. These contain different types of data interpretation Pdf questions ranging from prelims to mains level. Candidates are advised to practice them thoroughly to ensure selection in the upcoming banking exams.

Candidates must have to expertize their selves in Data Interpretation topics to easily gear up our score. Usually, all the bank exams asking a set of 5 questions from a data interpretation content. So aspirants can score all five marks from these data interpretation questions.

Arithmetic Data Interpretation (DI) Questions PDF 2.O : Download Now

Data Interpretation based on Profit and Loss

If the total sum of their investment is Rs. In the third month the commission tripled when compared to the first month and they shared in the ratio of 4 : 7 : 3: 2 and in the fourth month the commission became half of the previous month and they shared it in the ratio of 4 : 3 : 5 : 4. What was the average monthly earning of C over the period? Click here to View Answer e Unit place can be taken by any of the three even digits 2, 4, 6 and 8 and rest of the places can be filled up in 5!

Practice questions on profit and loss based on previous papers for bank exams. He marks up the price of the pen by 30 percent. He then starts offering a discount of 20 percent. If Mukesh makes a profit of 16 rupees in the transaction then find the price at which he bought the pen.

Data Interpretation is the process of analysing data, inspecting the elements in data and Interpreting to extract maximum information from the given set of data or information. The data is given in the form of charts, tables and graphs. Data Interpretation has no particular syllabus, this section tests one's ability in analysing data, decision making capability and speed. Data Interpretation looks simple and easy but the calculations are time consuming. For solving the data interpretation problems efficiently one should analyse the given data and focus on aspects of the data that are necessary to answer the questions, before attending data interpretation section one should be very comfortable with numbers, calculations, percentages, fractions, averages and ratios to increase the calculation speed. Thorough practice of different papers on data interpretation allows you to solve different kinds of data interpretation and can help improve your logic in solving problems. We have a large database of questions on Quantitative Aptitude Data Interpretation for you to practice and score high.

DI based Profit and Loss Questions PDF | New Pattern , useful for Mains Examination and Bank, Insurance, other competitive exams.

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Tips and Tricks for Profit, Loss and Discount

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